Alec Harrison

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Alec Harrison

Alec should have been born in LA. Not in the messed up, grinding, lost-soul side of LA, but in the neighborhoods of great storytellers like Spielberg, Scott and Cameron. Alec’s first language is music and he speaks fluently in a dialogue of themes, emotional intent, story arc and melodic motifs. Starting to score for picture before he could watch an R rated movie, Alec intimately understands the role of score in film – as a support to the visual, and knows that at times the best way to be heard is by not being heard at all. Alec has piled up the awards over his young career, from Sports Emmy nominations, to AMPIA Awards, and numerous acknowledgments in film, television and commercial production. In his spare time Alec enjoys cattle wrangling, blacksmithing and re-runs of jeopardy – all kidding aside Alec loves spending time with his family, binge watching Hans Zimmer tutorials, and all outdoor pursuits.

3-Time Emmy nominated composer Alec Harrison is an Alberta-based AMPIA-winning composer for film and documentaries. He has worked extensively with directors and producers in Alberta and across North America.

Ranging from independent documentaries to films with theatrical release, Alec is comfortable working in many genres and musical styles. His passion for combining technology and software with human players allows him to approach each project with a wide palette of possibility.