Andrea Wettstein

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Andrea Wettstein

Andrea (An-dray-ah) is our resident voice director, composer, and producer. She has fearlessly pushed herself to excel in all three vocations, as she holds a very high bar for herself and 6 Degrees. Starting at 6 shortly after finishing her masters at Western University, Andrea has committed herself to growing the studio, developing new talent, and maintaining a no bullshit meter on human resources and word clocks. Most days you will find Drea working away in her composition suite with a lukewarm Americano Misto and her bernedoodle, Tug, at her feet.

Andrea Wettstein is an Alberta-based AMPIA award-winning composer for commercials, television and film.

Andrea is always striving to hit an emotional chord with her music. She writes with the goal of discovery — to reveal the honest emotional core of a character or scene, and strives to create an intimate embrace between each visual storyline and the music that supports it.

Andrea’s classical background, and her Masters degree in composition, allow her a deep understanding of the orchestra, the singing voice, and the abilities of each instrument. She is an avid vocalist and songwriter, finding the recording and production of her material as a creative force for her compositional work.